The SECRET to getting your business running smoothly (Processes)

I have been helping business owners and entrepreneurs reach their dreams and goals through consulting for over two decades. And over the years, one thing is obvious to me: the companies that have detailed and implemented processes are the companies that often yield the best results. So how do you build and implement impactful business processes that can help you scale your organization?

In this episode, I outline what a business process is and the four characteristics that make it effective. I explain how writing your company’s business processes in detail can help your organization be more efficient and reach your goals. I also discuss why you need to communicate to your team that a new business process can help them reach their goals and highlight why a business process needs to remain flexible and replicable.

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What a business process is
Creating business processes and why they matter
The importance of identifying business processes and putting them into writing
The four characteristics of an effective business process
Why a business process should be finite
Creating repeatable business processes
Why business processes should be flexible at all times
Identifying, outlining, and mapping the necessary steps in a business process
Implementing a business process in your organization
Perfecting the adoption or execution of a business process

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