The Survival Story Of The Million-Dollar Perfume Brand That Got Hit By Covid | Adewale Jana

With a keen nose for fragrances, Adewale Jana has built one of the most successful perfume businesses in Nigeria. As the founder and CEO of Sapphire Scents (a million-dollar perfume brand), he’s without a doubt a source of motivation for African entrepreneurs.

In this interview, Wale shares how he was able to jump through the hurdles of funding, distribution, and marketing in the perfume industry, especially after the big Covid hit.

He also shares some advice to entrepreneurs who are struggling to scale and develop their businesses.

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00:00 – Intro
01:51 – How Wale’s childhood influenced his business
03:15 – Starting entrepreneurship as an undergraduate
04:40 – Venturing into the perfumes business
07:46 – Leaving a job to go from N30k to N1million in 3 months
09:37 – The importance of social media marketing for small businesses
10:16 – From importing to owning his own perfume brand
13:50 – Funding mistakes small businesses should avoid
16:12 – The secret behind Sapphire Scents’ unique fragrances
18:31 – Making customized fragrances for high profile clients
23:34 – Expanding to other cities and starting overseas production
31:12 – Navigating defamation of character by investors
39:12 – How to deal with challenges in your business
41:33 – Scaling Sapphire Scents to Over a million dollars in 4 years
42:40 – New strategies for the post-Covid phase
44:22 – Changing a distribution strategy to minimize costs
46:12 – Handling theft in business
47:01 – Advice for entrepreneurs


“HOW THEY DID IT” a show that tells the authentic story of African businesses whilst drawing lessons for upcoming entrepreneurs.

The Challenge:
There is a growing demand to tell our stories. Most of the stories told online are of foreign businesses, and where you find an African story, it is most likely a surface-level interview that aims mostly to motivate and not necessarily teach.

This is the unique value of this show:
In addition to it being designed to educate, motivate, and inspire, which is truthfully a key factor in boosting self-confidence, we will be emphasizing key lessons from the video interviews.



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Adewale Aladejana (a.k.a. Wale Jana) is the founder and CEO of Sapphire Scents; the Nigerian luxury perfumery that has taken over the industry since it first launched in 2015.

Wale started this company with only 30,000 naira, and has since grown it into a multi-millionaire enterprise that caters to the needs of high profile individuals all over Africa.

Jana sources raw materials for his perfumes both locally and internationally; searching for the perfect notes and scents to deliver to his customers at a wide range of prices and sizes.