The Top 10 Social Media Management Tools of 2020

So how do you know which tool is the best for your b2b or b2c business whether you are a professional entrepreneur, a small or medium size business, an agency, or enterprise? Not to mention, there is a lot of competition in the social media space. If a company has a comparable feature, how comprehensive is that feature? While the list of features may go on and on, we bucket the main categories into:
— Publishing and Scheduling: Can you visualize your monthly calendar and automate posting?
–Unified Social Inbox: Can you engage with your audience in real time across social channels?
— Integrated RSS Feeds: Would you benefit from being able to publish your blogs or industry blogs automatically to your social channels?
— Social Monitoring: Can you monitor your brand’s reputation and listen to your audience by monitoring keywords and competitors measuring sentiment?
— Competitor Analysis: Can you track and compare your competitive advantage?
— Campaign Tracking: Are you tracking your ads, posts, and website to optimize and pivot your marketing strategy?
— Custom Reporting: Do you need to build custom reports for your clients? Take the lead yourself or utilize reports we build for you.

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