The Top 5 Challenges When Scaling A Digital Business

Scaling a business used to be easy – more space, more people, more products. The growth was linear and predictable. Scaling a digital business is not the same – it is hard, really hard.

On the surface, digital business has no boundaries and constraints; it can grow by expanding its digital footprint across multiple websites, countries, languages, currencies and methods of support. Yet, digital growth poses unique growth challenges – scaling comes with hidden costs.

Join Lora Kratchounova, Principal at Scratch Marketing + Media, and Robert Mattson, Director of Product Marketing at Telerik, as they discuss the findings and implications of new industry-wide research focused on the challenges organizations face when scaling their digital properties.


• How organizations are best supporting multiple digital properties
• What the biggest challenges are when scaling to multiple websites
• The trials and tribulations of keeping your digital properties up to date after the implementation is all over
• What the top benefits of a multi-site management platform are and why multisite management solutions are the key to seamless scaling

Lora Kratchounova, Principal, Scratch Marketing + Media
Robert Mattson, Director Sitefinity Product Marketing, Telerik, A Progress Company

Anthony Salas, American Marketing Association