The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Walkthrough for Small Businesses and Brands.

You want to be successful at growing your business with influencer marketing? Let’s get started.

This is:
An easy to follow guide for any small business who is considering to use influencer marketing and wants to know how it works from A to Z. This is written by the MuseFind team and narrated by Jennifer Li Chiang, CEO & co-founder of MuseFind.

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Is influencer marketing right for me? 0:14
How To: Find Influencers 0:32
How To: Contact Influencers 1:36
What To Expect: The 4 Responses You Typically Get When Contacting Influencers 2:14
i) Response: No Response 2:22
ii) Response: Negotiation 2:26
iii) Response: Rejection 2:40
iv) Response: Agreement 2:56
What To Do: When An Influencer Agrees To Work With You 3:00