Theory of scaling social impact by continuous listening.

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Welcome to 2021! With a new decade, we need to start a new conversation. After many years of feedback from organizations like yours, we are ready to share; New Approaches to Scaling Social Change. This conversation is best suited if you are interested in continuous learning from your stakeholders.

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Join us for the two-part opening series,

00:02:00 Introduction to Continuous Learning and Improvement Webinar Series
00:07:15 Key ingredients to achieving good outcomes
00:16:00 5 Steps of Impact Management
00:38:00 Demonstrating Outcome

Part I: Theory of scaling impact by continuous listening.
Part II: Designing an effective stakeholder survey to improve impact performance

Part I: Jan 19, 2021, 9 am PST
Can we build a healthier, more equitable world by frequently looking back on our programs? Alternatively, we understand and improve while serving. Unless you actively learn and manage social change, it isn’t easy to scale.

We often focus on social return on investment to justify the program’s social and financial benefit and its effectiveness. Impact justification is not the continuous learning of Real Social Impact.

Big questions everyone is faced today are,

1) How can I demonstrate the social impact?
2) How do I know that I measure the right social impact?
3) How can I scale the social impact?

Join us for the discussion of challenges and solutions to scaling impact.