This Week in the Business of Tech May 13 2022 IT Services News

This week on the video version of the Business of Tech: 

00:00 Research into the impact of remote work
04:00 Google’s free training resources could change the hiring game
05:25 Let’s dip into the negative tech stories that seem to be the flavor of the day
08:04 A college shut down and a country-wide emergency due to ransomware
11:21 IT outsourcing trends globally
13:36 Learn about Eureka Process
14:13 Forrester’s web3 warning
15:34 Microsoft addresses cyber talent gap
17:56 Governments warn of MSP threat  
21:05 UK government calls for reporting ransomware
22:39 Broadband investments and privacy laws
25:08 Amazon’s offer to IT shops
26:11 IBM’s cloud moves speak to larger trends

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