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The first step in scaling up is to open your store if you haven’t already done so. Once you’ve opened for business, now the goal is to start marketing it and getting as many eyeballs as possible onto your store’s page. Check out more The Journey content at

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0:13 Tips for scaling up your Etsy business
0:55 Identify gaps in the market, create what buyers want
1:33 Know your SEO
2:13 Engage with your listings and leverage Etsy tools
2:40 Become a savvy shipper
3:31 Expand beyond Etsy

But, what happens after you’ve started making money on the platform? You may soon find yourself searching for information on scaling up an Etsy business. Let’s go over five strategies that can help you scale up your Etsy business.

Identify gaps in the market and create what buyers want
Standing out is important to scaling up an Etsy business. However, many Etsy sellers take this a little too far and sell products that are meaningful to them but do not resonate with most buyers.

Know your SEO
Besides optimizing your keywords on Etsy, promoting your listings on other social media platforms will drive traffic back to your shop as well.

Engage with your listings and leverage Etsy tools
Use the ads Etsy offers in the platform, continue to add new listings and update existing ones with better photos and product descriptions.

Become a savvy shipper
Unfortunately, you can’t control the shipping process. But you can control processing times by having your products ready to go once the sale is made.

Expand beyond Etsy
By establishing a real brand and growing an audience that loves it, you will be able to compete on a long-term scale and outdo your competition. While Etsy was once a small marketplace, it is now flooded with sellers looking to make a quick buck. Some of these sellers will analyze what is working for others and copy their products.
Remember, even though this platform is hugely popular, it’s not your end game. You have so much more to give, and your customers need the exciting homemade creations you are making.

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