Tips for Simplifying and Scaling Your Marketing Strategy – With Brad Hoppmann, CMO at InvestorPlace

In this episode, Eric welcomes Brad Hoppmann, CMO at InvestorPlace, to talk about his approach to developing and implementing a strong marketing strategy while sharing tips on how to make your marketing campaign easily understandable and scalable.

“If a fourth grader can understand it, it can scale… If a promotion is too targeted, you just can’t scale it.” – Brad Hoppmann

Brad has been in media publishing since before it was trendy, so he’s one of the best marketing experts to learn lessons from on topics like messaging, copywriting, calculating customer acquisition cost (CAC), organizational structure, lead conversion, scaling marketing campaigns, and career development.

You’ll learn the benefits of having a well-organized marketing team and how Brad’s marketing team is structured, how he entered the financial publishing and marketing fields, how to have efficient conversations about strategy with opinionated coworkers, and more!

“How do you take a huge investing idea like cryptocurrency and explain it to a fourth grader? If you can do that in a campaign and make it so easy… make the promotion so readable that even a fourth grader can understand it… that is what we’ve found to be the most successful for us.” – Brad Hoppmann

Resources mentioned:
Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz:
The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly:
Clayton Makepeace’s Copywriting Course:
Gary Halbert:

About Eric Stockton, VP of Demand Generation, Constant Contact:
A pioneer and innovator in the areas of internet marketing, eCommerce, lead generation, publishing, and online media. Eric has directly led $3MM+ ad budgets and $70M+ top-lin sales organizations.
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About Brad Hoppmann, Chief Marketing Officer, InvestorPlace:
Brad Hoppmann is in the business of big ideas and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of InvestorPlace Media, LLC. Brad started at InvestorPlace Media, LLC in Feb of 2018 and is an expert in all things publishing, financial services, subscription, and direct marketing. Brad currently resides in the Baltimore, Maryland Area.
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