Top 17 Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Business

Grow your social media channels and sell more products by promoting your business on these top 17 social media platforms:

#1 – Facebook
Create a profile page, add members into groups and utilize paid advertising to target your customers.

#2 – Instagram
Create unique content that reflects you, promote via posts, stories, IGTV and by going live.

#3 – LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the #1 b2b social network in the world! Create a profile that stands out with your experience, awards, and current job title.

#4 – Pinterest
Grow your brand on Pinterest with custom boards and unique pinned content. Use Tailwind Tribes to collaborate with influencers and creators to drive traffic to your brand.

#5 – Twitter
Create a beautiful profile, use hashtags in every post and connect with influencers to promote your brand.

#6 – YouTube
Use this social media platform to rank videos in YouTube search, as well as Google search.

#7 – Messenger
Use ManyChat to create a chatbot that will automate replies and send messages directly to your subscribers.

#8 – WhatsApp
Use broadcast lists, groups and even connect to their API with Twilio to connect with others.

#9 – Telegram
Create channels, groups and connect with millions of users around the world with Telegram.

#10 – SMS (Text)
Utilize tools like Twilio to send direct text messages to your users when they sign up for your services.

#11 – Reddit
Use Reddit to gain information on your industry and create an “AMA (ask me anything)” to promote your success and answer people’s questions.

#12 – Quora
Ask questions about your industry or answer anyone’s questions on Quora.

#13 –
Write unique blogs and post them on to explode your business by organic search and daily readers.

#14 – Google My Business
Display your business and promote your products through Google Search results.

#15 – Email Marketing
Create segmented lists and drip campaigns to optimize your performance.

#16 – Podcast
Promote your podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Play Music

#17 – Your Own Website
Bring all you videos, blogs, podcasts and infographics together on your own website.



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