Topic 7: Learning Solution SAP S4/HANA Human Capital Management (HCM) Module – Case Study GlobalBike

This learning video presents a tutorial on how to use the SAP S4/HANA software. This video discusses the Human Capital Management (HCM) module. The case study used is the case study of the Global Bike Company. The steps described in this video are as follows:

Step 1: Create Positions
Step 2: Create a Career
Step 3: Define Requirements
Step 4: Hire Employee
Step 5: Display Organizational Plan
Step 6: Post Job Advertisement
Step 7: Enter Applicant Master Data
Step 8: Prepare for Hiring
Step 9: Hiring Applicant
Step 10: Proof of the Hiring
Step 11: Maintain Qualification Profile
Step 12: Execute Career Planning
Step 13: Create an event
Step 14: Book the event
Step 15: Follow up the event
Step 16: Execute Career Planning
Step 17: Prepare Appraisal
Step 18: Perform Appraisal
Step 19: Transfer of Employee

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