Triple Agency Growth: From Fashion Model & Freelancer to Scaling A Boutique Ecommerce Agency

Meet Rachel who’s scaling her agency and her clients’ business using The BPM Method & ELITE Accelerator.

Prior to working with me, Rachel used to own an education franchise business and started freelancing as a media buyer, but juggling both ventures took so much of her time, and she found it hard to scale her businesses. As her freelancing business grew, she decided to sell her education franchise business, enrol in our ELITE Accelerator program and go all out and scale into a full-service Facebook Ads agency.

Learn how Rachel did it!


This is a coaching call delivered as part of our ELITE Accelerator coaching calls where I choose a hot topic (whether it’s Facebook advertising or something else) to dive into the detail and deliver a tactic or strategy to help you with your ad campaigns, ecommerce business, Information products, Affiliate marketing, running an agency, freelancing and more!

ELITE Accelerator is our ‘done with you’ coaching program designed for Ecommerce agencies, freelancers, and Ecom business owners to work with me and my team at SM Commerce to generate business growth using The BPM Method and my 15+ years of Ecommerce growth experience.

For Agencies:
For Ecom Brands:


👋 About Depesh Mandalia:

Depesh is one of the world’s most prominent Facebook marketing experts helping business scale-up fast through expert marketing execution in the online world.

He’s invested well over $30 million in profitable global ad spend over the last 5 years in E-Commerce, Lead Gen (digital products and services), Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Apps, Local Business and more. Over the last decade he’s been responsible for driving in excess of $100M in revenue.

He shares his knowledge from stages worldwide driven by his passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to punch above their weight in the online world.

He’s also an advisor and advocate for Facebook, supporting Facebook with speaking at external events and internal team days, providing regular feedback on ways Facebook can improve business growth for small and medium-sized businesses to further his own mission.

His agency, SMC, helps 6-figure and 7-figure businesses scale past $10M, and through his training programs, helps entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels scale up faster, through Facebook ads and other marketing channels with a core focus on his unique BPM System – Brand-driven, Performance Marketing.

Depesh’s mission is to leave a lasting legacy through helping others grow their business to achieve their goals and dreams.

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