Turning Customer Obsession into Investor Connection – Going Public Episode 4

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On this episode of Going Public, PROVEN learns about scaling a business from expert Jaime Schmidt, who bootstrapped a business to a nine-figure exit from her own kitchen. Hammitt and TREBEL’s path to the public markets leads them through Mexico City as they work with global entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman to gain an edge through celebrity branding. And NGT Academy tries to land a billionaire.

Customers and fans can now gain ownership in featured companies as they launch their public offerings while the series unfolds. THEIR JOURNEY. Your decision.

Hammitt Offering Circular – https://bit.ly/3Flhpvl
Proven Offering Circular – https://bit.ly/307MrY6
NGT Academy Offering Circular – https://bit.ly/3oj8QKr
TREBEL Offering Circular – https://bit.ly/3n6qmC4

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