TYPES OF CONSULTING: What Do Technology, Change Management and Human Capital Consultants Do?!

Types Of Consulting: What Do Technology, Change Management and Human Capital Consultants Do?! Today we’re talking with four (4) different types of consultants, to break down different jobs in consulting, types of consulting, and types of consultants. We cover careers in consulting, strategy consulting, technology consulting, change management consulting, human capital consulting, human resource consulting, tech consultancy and management consulting vs technology consulting! Which type of consulting are you interested in?! Let us know in the comments below!

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▸ What is your type of consulting? – 1:01
▸ What is your educational background? – 3:02
▸ Can you walk us through a typical project process for your type of consulting? – 4:19
▸ What other teams do you work with within your type of consulting? – 7:26
▸ Do you have any final thoughts or insights that you’d like to provide? – 9:09

Working In Consulting | Have you dreamed of being a consultant at a large firm? Curious about the application process, how to get the job, and how to succeed once you’ve landed it? This playlist will give you all of that and more.

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