Uber ruling, Jobs Data, SMB optimism, four-day work-week, healthcare data change, Microsoft invests

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⏰ Story Chapters:
00:00 The Uber court ruling security pros need to know about
04:06 How tough it is for security leaders
05:11 The opportunity in business process
07:18 Let’s analyze the jobs data   
09:35 New salary research points to mismatches for correction
10:27 A hearty dose of SMB optimism
11:45 Learn about the Acronis CyberFit Summit – https://acronis.events/
12:29 The subtle changes in the workplace to mine for opportunity
16:36 Four day work week trials expand and offer a resource to leverage
17:42 Healthcare organizations must now give patients their data
20:44 Microsoft and Meta team up while Google invests further to take on the work layer

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