Using AI Writing & Image Generators for Business by Dante

Level: Beginner

Writing articles for your website is hard. Constantly coming up with new text for your social media is a struggle.

And then there’s the problem of stock photography that is inauthentic and unoriginal.

Small business is difficult enough without having to be a creative genius on top of everything else that has to be done.

The last couple of years has brought about a rather big change in the way that blogs, articles, social media posts, website copy and even product descriptions are being written.

Artificial intelligence has produced tools that are doing a great job of making it easier than ever to write content.

In the first half of this webinar you’ll learn:

1. How AI writing assistants work

2. The ethics of using them

3. Writing long-format content

4. Writing social posts

5. Writing website content

In the second half we will be looking at the explosion of AI-generated images, art and photography.

You’ll learn:

1. What tools are available

2. Choosing the right kind of image

3. Getting the detail right

4. Where to use your new images

5. The legal and copyright info you need to know

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the Digital Solutions Program.


Dante St James is one of Australia’s most accredited and recognised digital skills trainers, having started coding his own games on a Commodore 64 in 1985, to building websites from 1996 and having worked in media, marketing and technology since then. Having seen the rise of the web, web 2.0, social media and now the beginnings of the metaverse, Dante has maintained a place at the forefront of technology for nearly four decades. Now based in the Northern Territory, Dante has been recognised as a finalist for three years running in the NT Digital Excellence Awards, has been selected as one of five accredited trainers for Meta (Facebook) Australia, holds training contracts for Google’s Digital Springboard program and working with the Australian Government’s Digital Solutions and Entrepreneurship Facilitators programs. Dante has accumulated 108 certifications in various technologies and business skills, which he sees as vital for the operation of his training and marketing agency, Clickstarter, his national advisory footprint and StartUp Territory, a pre-accelerator program Dante formed for new businesses.

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