Using Online Speed Networking to sell products & services by Tristan

Level: Intermediate

Online speed networking has taken the Small Business & Startup ecosystem by storm.

In this session we look at:
How it works
Why it is so effective
How to calculate the unit economics of Online Speed Networking for your business
The specifics of selling to small business
Building referral networks within the Small Business Community
How to leverage Online Speed Networking to undertake Customer Development
Which markets you can target around Australia & the World

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the Digital Solutions Program.

Tristan is a highly experienced Business Advisor & Mentor specialising in:
– Agile Business Planning
– Business Model Clarification
– Startup & Small Business Strategy
– Entrepreneurial Capacity Building
– Venture Architecting

The Why

One of the main reasons why Small Businesses and Startups aren’t realising success for themselves and their communities is because they aren’t undertaking rigorous enough or agile enough Business Planning and Business Modelling. Having served almost 300 Startup and Innovative Small Business Owners in an advisory capacity, it has become abundantly clear they need help to get their business planning and modelling done to a very high standard!

Interesting Facts

– Business Planning has become progressive less popular in Australia since Google Trends started recording the search volumes in 2004
– The Search Volume for ‘Business Model Canvas’ in WA, NT & Tas is currently zero
– Business School/MBA graduates don’t appear to be applying their Business Planning and Modelling knowledge in industry or to their small businesses
– Most businesses owners don’t yet know how powerful and impactful agile business planning can be for their organisation

The What

Through his work with hundreds of ‘Digital Solutions’ clients Tristan has a systematic way of undertaking agile business planning together with Small Business and Startup founders.
Co-creating agile business plans with Tristan is not only fun & inspiring it is also game changing for the Small Business or Startup.
Tristan’s Agile Business Planning System makes use of:
– The Business Model Canvas
– The Value Proposition Canvas
– The Operating Model Canvas
– The Business Model Portfolio Map
– Customer Empathy Mapping
– Go-To-Market Scenario Scoring Worksheets
– Path-to-Market Simulations

Tristan plans are to extend and expand this Business Planning capacity building system to eventually help founders beyond WA, Qld & NT!


If you would like to learn more about Co-Creating an agile business plan for small business or start-up feel free to reach out:
– 0434 963 505
– Book time to meet & greet here:

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