Using Zoho Social for Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur, or even a solopreneur, wanting to effectively manage your business’s social presence without a lot of hassle and expense? If so, you’ll want to catch this latest Small Biz in: 15 On Location, where we travel to Austin, Texas for Zoho Day 2022 to talk to Praval Singh.

In this episode, Praval, the Zoho Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience, sits down with Shawn Hessinger, the Chief Editor of Small Biz Trends, to discuss the ins and outs of managing your small business’s social presence through Zoho Social.

Highlights of the interview include:

• What Zoho Social is and how it can help your small business.
• How automation allows small business owners to spread their social presence.
• How social listening platforms can flip negative customer feedback into “aha moments.”
• Other features in Zoho Social that improve social media impact.
• How to get started with the right tools.