Vamp&Harrow – Eyes Cold | New Normal Recordings

How do two dinosaurs make music they have never heard before? They jam in a garage with synths, drums and guitars until perfection, then they bury it, dig it out again and put their dreams of the past into it. Garage Glam Wave at its best. No compromises. A stadium rocker.

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Music/Lyrics: Mike Vamp & David Harrow (Vamp&Harrow)

Directed and Edited by: Robert Zimmermann & Oliver Jerke (ROlliBert)
Director of Photography: Fee Scherer

Camera Assistant: Jara López Ballonga
Dinosaur Performers: Ayla S. Franken, Markus Morkötter, Romy Rudolphi
Make-Up-Artist: Fu Okamura, Romy Rudolphi
Produced by UCMP for UCM.ONE
Postproduction Services: Campus Caprea Media

A UCMP Production for UCM.ONE |

© New Normal Recordings / UCM.ONE |

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