Webinar: What Makes a Good Leader in Uncertain Times?

Webinar description:

Managing a business or department is not always an easy ride. In the life cycle of an enterprise there will invariably come a time of crisis or difficulty. This is when the role of the leader is truly tested. It is a time when the leader or manager is expected to have the answers and show the way forward. They will be expected to successfully lead the team through challenging times.

What were the key take-aways from this webinar?

This short webinar discussed the ways in which leaders and managers should respond in a time of difficulty and how they can ride the storm of crisis to make it an opportunity for change and success.

Listeners learned how to UNLOCK their FULL POTENTIAL as LEADERS and guide their team through challenging times successfully.

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About the speaker:

Harry Moore is an experienced International Strategist and Corporate Turnaround Director with a substantial pedigree. He has led business transformation teams at both KPMG and PwC and has been sponsored by the UK Government to manage initiatives that he designed to secure the future of enterprises in the SME sector in the UK which resulted in saving some 135 UK businesses.

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