Why Data Mining and Ad Tracking is the Key to Scaling Your Ecommerce Business #32

Growing your ecommerce business doesn’t have to be as complicated and frustrating as you think. One of the key ways to scale and experience massive returns on your advertising investments is to learn how to use data to direct your business strategies.

In the digital age, nothing is more valuable than data. In today’s episode, I am joined by digital marketing consultant and data expert Jake Goodwin.

As CMO of his own consulting agency for more than 7 years, Jake has mentored and guided entrepreneurs to generate over $100 million in revenue through social media marketing, PPC campaigns, lead generation, and ClickFunnel chatbots.

Jake shares with us how data mining, ad tracking, and online consumer behavior can provide you insights on how to maximize your resources and grow your customer base.

Episode Highlights
1. Introduction [00:08]
2. Jake’s background [01:02]
3. Assessing a brand’s data management or data system [02:08]
4. Pray and Spray method [02:56]
5. Ad spend on different platforms [04:19]
6. Tiktok and Amazon [05:41]
7. How Google Suite work [07:12]
8. Differentiating your product and brand marketing [09:22]
9. Using your brand to create amazing content and messaging [11:41]
10. Creating a community to stand out [14:01]
11. Why data is important [15:27]
12. You only get the whole picture if you track where traffic is coming from [18:42]
13. Jake’s approach for cold, top of the funnel traffic [21:08]
14. The unpredictability of insights from looking at attribution models on platforms [23:59]
15. What’s changing in the ad platforms [26:25]
16. Issues Jake’s seeing over the IDFA changes [27:50]
17. Spending for your customer lifetime value [32:09]
18. How Wicked Reports provides data for strategizing [35:41]

Resource Links:
•Visit the Wicked Reports Website (https://www.wickedreports.com/)
•Consult with Jake Goodwin (https://jakepgoodwin.com/)

About Our Guest:

Jake Goodwin has worked passionately in the health and wellness industry for the past 7 years. The last 5 years have seen him generate over $100 million in revenue using social media, email, ClickFunnels, chatbots, and pay-per-click marketing strategies.

You can reach out to Jake at jakepgoodwin@gmail.com.

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