Why Some Business and Startup Fail and others Successful

Why Business Fails?
What are the Top 5 reasons businesses fail?
What are the top 10 reasons businesses fail?
What are six reasons for business failures?
What are the 7 reasons most small businesses fail?
What are the types of business failures?
Why do most businesses fail in their first year?
What type of business has the highest failure rate?
What makes a business successful?
How can a business avoid failure?
What are the reasons businesses fail?
What are the mistakes of entrepreneurship?
What is risk in business?
What are the business risks?
What are the 60 types of risk?
No Systemic Approach
No Disciplined Predictability
No Time Blocking
No Aims & Objectives
No Prioritisation
No Clear Goals
No Transparency
No Vision & Mission
No Continuous Improvement
No Staff Training
Wrong Planning
Wrong Pricing
Wrong Protocols Tools
Failed Marketing
Financial Mismanagement
Resources Mismanagement
Poor Customer Support & Care
No Effective HR Policy
Lack of Innovation
Poor Expertise
Low Motivation – Passion
Cash Flow Problems
Communication Failure
Poor Revenue Planning
Corporate Mismanagement
Poor R&D – ERP – CRM System
Poor Growth
Weak Execution
Weak Governance