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Join us as we talk with Jonathan Kiekbusch, a life long entrepreneur and Founder of SEOButler, The i2W Agency, and the WeRCMO Consultancy about:

00:00 Introduction
02:37 Recruiting the right team and keeping them motivated and happy
09:50 Introduction to the Sleeping Giant Strategy for scaling your business
16:00 Why SOPs are crucial and how to build them
20:00 How to work ON your business, not IN it
30:30 Does the marketing industry exploit small business?

Jonathan shares that recruiting, growing, and developing new businesses is not a one size fits all strategy. He recommends leveraging what you do really well to figure out the best use of your time. Deciding to recruit and hire requires the discovery of your hourly worth.

Jonathan reminds us that being an entrepreneur is naturally stressful and time-consuming. Analyzing the stress of caring for your business and managing the stress and work/life balance is crucial to both the success of your business and yourself. Jonathan suggests getting out of the trenches of your business for a different perspective of how your business operates. This is vital for growth and useful for determining your business SOPs. Successful business owners will look at their business from the outside in.

Jonathan recommends examining your business this way:
-You serving the customer
-You serving the team
-The team serving the customers

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Jonathan joins us from Brighton, UK.
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The Small Business Connections Podcast is hosted by Ann Brennan, owner of ASMM Digital Marketing. The podcast was created as a means of helping her clients build a community around their brands. Since its inception, the podcast has grown to include guests from around the world and has been listened to in over 20 countries.

The host of ASMM Small Business Connection is Ann Brennan. She is the owner of ASMM Digital Marketing and started the podcast as a means of helping her clients get in front of more people. Since its inception, it has grown to include guests from around the world. If you would like to be on the show, please message Ann directly through LinkedIn.

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