Working In Your Business Vs. On Your Business – David & Donni #312

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Too much idle time on your hands can make you feel as though you’re not being useful in your business. We all know that having a business that is totally passive might be somewhat unrealistic. We all have to check in on what’s happening and assess whether or not you’d like to continue the current operation or make a switch. This is all based on preference.
While there are CEOs that are totally hands off of their business there are other CEOs that enjoy getting into the trenched of their business, but only to a certain point. They know that the business would run without them. However, the business is still benefitting from the presence of it’s CEO.

Test it for yourself and find out in what ways do you what to be involved in your business. Maybe you did everything at first and now you may only want to focus on a smaller or a different portion of it.

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