KPMG’s consulting practice offers a wide range of career opportunities and employs consultants in a variety of projects right from the start. Although you might be assigned to a group, the projects you can work on are virtually limitless. Learn how you can drive your development and drive growth through a partnership with KPMG Advisory. Whether you’re tackling complex businesses, driving innovation, or reducing risk, we’re on hand with powerful insights and technology solutions to build stakeholder trust and sustainable value.

Employment at KPMG is done at will, which means that the employment relationship may be terminated at any time, with or without giving reasons and with or without notice, at the discretion of KPMG or the employee. KPMG’s consulting experts can help you build a modern, intelligent and resilient business that delivers better results for people and the planet. If KPMG doesn’t attend your school, contact a KPMG recruiter in the city of your choice. However, network with someone who is a manager or above and is an alum at your school first. Butler, the new CEO of the US branch, stated that he would strengthen his consulting services, a market he saw as full of potential, and offer new services.

In addition, the US branch of KPMG divided the country into ten areas before organizing accountants, tax specialists and consultants into industry-specific teams. The situation does not seem to be slowing down for the company either, as it wants to increase both its number and its customer service in the consulting sector. The advice ranges from risk advice — highly technical, low-level and compliance-oriented — to high-performance analytical strategy projects and M%26A work. With such a large global presence and Fortune 50 C-level customers in tow, KPMG is not a company you should turn up your nose at.

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In terms of salary, KPMG is far from the top consulting firms and even lagging behind its Big 4 competitors, which you should definitely consider when considering a job offer. Demonstrating passion and technical knowledge about consulting and the areas in which KPMG operates is crucial at this stage. If you want to take this step into MBB, you may be better suited to apply to a reputable boutique consulting firm, as they will give you more hands-on experience in the type of work MBB does. KPMG survives the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Cold War and a host of potential pitfalls in between and is now a household name in accounting and auditing, but also enjoys a growing reputation in the consulting sector.

Contact KPMG’s consulting institute for articles, webcasts, and podcasts on business performance, technology, risk management, and restructuring. KPMG International Limited is a private English limited warranty company and does not provide services to customers.