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KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, PwC and McKinsey %26 companies. And all over the world, these are usually the names that come to mind when you think of management consulting. We’re excited to announce the release of our annual ranking of the top 50 consulting firms in North America. Boston Consulting Group and Bain, the other two thirds of the elite MBB consulting firms, swapped places again and came in 1st place.

Arthur Andersen dropped from the rankings of the five major accounting firms in 2002 after they were found guilty of obstruction of justice in the Enron scandal. The conviction was later overturned, but the damage had been done. We have placed MBB — McKinsey, Bain, BCG — in its own category. Each company has a basis in its core strategy, but now also offers many other services.

Executive Team MeetingAnd each has a level of prestige high enough that a separate category is required. It’s a small but fast-growing company with plenty of opportunities to take on and accelerate your career in the world of strategy consulting with a side of private equity. A British analysis based on data from a leading analyst firm found that the 10 largest consulting firms remain firmly in control of the majority of market activity — these are likely to grow steadily over the next two years. As for the main beneficiaries of this continued growth, the four largest accounting and consulting firms known as the Big Four — Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC — have a significant 39% market share.

Here, we organized this ranking first by type of consulting firm and then alphabetically within each category. EY is known for having a significantly better work-life balance compared to some other top consulting firms. We trust that this list of the best consulting firms was helpful for you in your search for your perfect solution. Although the company’s original expertise lies in accounting, Deloitte Consulting has made a big name for itself in the consulting world.

Promotions aren’t as fast in the company as in other companies, but PwC is a great place to start a career. But how do you know which consulting firms are best for your career path? Well, we’ve compiled a list of top management consulting firms for you. They also spend a lot of time focusing on operations, financial planning, and turnaround advice. The company is extremely picky, and its consultants are known for working long hours, which sometimes makes them feel understaffed.

As the company continues to invest heavily in its strategy firm Parthenon-EY, the consulting firm has gained significant ground with an 11% increase in overall turnover compared to its competitors. In general, the basis of their offering is strategy consulting, but these companies offer surprisingly broad services. The company is consistently rated as the fourth most reputable consulting firm (after MBB) and employs more than 415,000 professionals worldwide. Guidehouse is headquartered in Washington, DC and is a specialized, global services firm.