Setting up a consulting company without experience is possible. You can do a lot in it, even if it is a mature field. I think one thing we’ve learned in business is that there is no such thing as a mature field. There are always ways to do things better and I challenge you to focus on them.

Yes, you can start a consulting business from home with no experience. This business is also worthwhile as it helps others set up their businesses effortlessly. In the first 12 to 24 months, you’ll find customers from your existing network. You shouldn’t do cold calling until you’ve exhausted every single contact in your existing network.

By following the 7 steps above, you’ll know exactly how (and when) to address all of these challenges to become a highly successful consultant. Or maybe even a family friend is a potential customer and you’ve closed your first deal and really became a consultant. If you’re looking for an easy and comfortable life, starting a consulting business without experience isn’t for you. For a business consulting agency, you can add marketing, customer management, advertising and the list goes on.

Anyone with appropriate knowledge in any area can set up a consulting firm with very little investment. Consultants are experts in their fields and offer professional, actionable advice to individuals or companies. The interview with her is full of practical tips that can be used as a basis for your business plan for your independent consulting firm. But how do you become a consultant without experience? So read on as I explain how you can become a counselor with no experience.

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In part 3, we’ll look at how you can ensure that your consulting services stand out from the crowd and get noticed in the market. If you already have a consulting firm and business is stagnating, think back to your clients’ problems. Thank you A quick question — With several years of relevant experience in the industry, I founded a consulting firm. When I started my consulting business, I needed office space as I wasn’t as privy to the world of working from home back then.

Consulting is a relationship business. So make sure that your relationships with your customers are rock-solid.