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How much does a 3 month coaching program cost?

This could be, for example, a 3-month program to reduce stress in your life or a 6-month coaching program to be a fearless leader in your own life. Thanks Emma-Louise; I’ve always offered block sessions of 4 at a time but never expanded it to a three-month program focused on a specific topic. I’ll look into this in more detail. About four years ago, I switched to a membership model for my coaching based on a song from the Vistage hymnbook. If you’ve built your online education program using Heights Platform’s online course creation software, the potential value you offer your students is already miles ahead of someone who sends students a PDF or video and gives them access to a Facebook group.

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In addition, many coaches include or exclude various elements and additional services in their packages, making it a challenge to get an accurate picture of average or general coaching package prices. When I was at the Institute of Coaching Leadership Forum last month, I met the CEO of a coaching company in Colorado. A final reason you don’t charge by the hour is that, in this case, people can compare you to other buses that charge by the hour, which is an unfair way to decide which bus to rent. Originally a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies, she combined her love for coaching, creativity, and systems to develop over 100 brand-appropriate coaching tools, forms, and exercises, including over 30 completely free coaching tools.

My conviction that I should ask for more is based on my experience of how difficult it can be to earn a living through coaching. On average, New York, DC, and LA clients pay more for coaching than those in Texas, Nebraska, or Colorado. A direct (and perhaps obvious) connection exists between what a coach charges per hour and annual earnings. These companies can use these coaches for anything they want: coaching, moderation, training, job interview.

When you have your monthly income figure on hand, it’s relatively easy to work backwards and figure out how many coaching clients you need and what exactly you need to charge each client so you can reach your income goal in a way that’s consistent with your values and is sustainable in terms of your time and energy. After you go through this process and the more students you attract, your online education program becomes a fine-tuned machine that provides students with excellent results.