Deloitte does a lot more than just audits. Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and one of the largest global professional services networks in the world, based on employed professionals and revenue. The Big Four is the nickname used to describe the four largest accounting firms in the United States in terms of turnover. They are Deloitte, Ernst %26 Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG).

In addition to auditing services, the Big Four offers tax, strategy and management advice, valuation, market research, auditing, and legal advice. In general, all Big Four companies provide audit, audit, consulting, financial advice, risk management, and tax compliance services. As a global partner, Deloitte will contribute management and business consulting capabilities to make a significant impact on the International Olympic Committee, National Olympic Committees, the fans and athletes who make the Olympics possible. Deloitte Consulting was heavily involved in setting up unemployment insurance web portals in various states, including Ohio, Colorado, and Illinois.

This creates, as I call it, an “exit culture,” in which the majority of consultants regard companies as a springboard for their careers. Each Big 4 company operates in 150 countries. So unless you live in the poorest and least promising markets, you can find at least one Big 4 company in your home country. Consulting supports clients with services in the areas of strategy, analytics and M%26A, customer and marketing, core business, human capital, and enterprise technology and performance. Although MBB companies attract virtually all the attention, the Big 4 companies also offer attractive career opportunities for aspiring consultants.

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MBB projects usually include high-level strategic advice, while the Big 4 consulting services focus on implementation and highly specific problems in areas such as accounting, tax, risk or legal advice. Although the company was one of the largest and most reputable companies at the time, it ultimately collapsed due to the scandal. Deloitte member firms offer services in the following roles, although legal implementation varies from country to country (i. With MBB, it usually takes around 10 years to find a partner if you start as a lower-level consultant.

These groups do the type of consulting work that is most similar to the consulting work of traditional management consulting firms. Although the Big Four accounting firms are primarily known for their audit and tax services, they all have an advisory or advisory arm. Certain services may not be available to certify customers in accordance with public accounting rules and regulations. MBB consultants work with their clients in shorter periods of time — typically 2-4 months, while Big 4 consultants can work with a client company for 6-8 months or even a year to monitor the customer and help the customer put their solutions into practice.