KPMG works with our people to build challenging and rewarding careers. Whether your goal is to become a partner, become a knowledgeable technical expert, work in industry, or pursue long-term overseas assignments, we’ll give you the tools you need to reach your potential. Our career support and learning environment allows you to explore a wide range of career paths and opportunities. And you can always talk to a mentor or career coach about your ambitions, or talk to your performance manager about your goals and how you can best achieve them.

Many of our employees have had long and successful careers with KPMG. Others use the skills, experience, and business knowledge they develop here to do great things outside of our organization. Whatever direction your career takes, your time here will be great for your resume. And wherever life takes you, you’ll always be part of a strong and influential network.

Students and graduates from recent years can participate in KPMG’s paid internship program. It takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the department. KPMG interns are involved in project assignments right from the start. Almost everyone who successfully completes the internship program receives an offer for a position as an auditor or consultant at KPMG.

Employees with at least two years of experience are promoted and may be responsible for coordinating work in the project team while performing all tasks assigned to them as part of their regular work. After another year, they are promoted to the position of supervisor, which requires more operational independence as a springboard to prepare for a career as a manager. Adequate qualifications and experience gained in the previous position are a gateway to executive promotion. Managers oversee the work of numerous project teams and supervise the career development of their subordinates.

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Managers are assigned customer groups and are responsible for carrying out projects commissioned by those customers. The position of senior manager can be awarded to experienced managers and specialists in their field, who are responsible for defining the overall operational direction of their teams and making strategic decisions. You manage collaboration with an extensive customer community. After a minimum of two years as a senior manager, an employee can be promoted and become a director.

The directors represent the company in contacts with strategic customers and develop their own customer portfolio. You also manage a department or division and at the same time take care of the career development of department staff. The partners make strategic decisions, pay attention to the company’s market position and are responsible for delivering the highest quality of work as well as for the overall performance of the areas for which they are responsible. Senior Associate at KPMG is somewhere between consultant and senior consultant at Deloitte in terms of responsibility (S%26O).

Manager at KPMG lower than manager at Deloitte but slightly higher than senior consultant. My overall understanding is that KPMG is slightly less generous than Deloitte when it comes to remunerating new executives and managers, putting them at a lower level. Management consulting is an industry that offers companies expensive and professional advice to improve their overall performance through better “management,” which includes strategy, leadership, operations, organization, finance, and marketing. Check out the latest Associate Consultant Jobs or see Associate Consultant Salaries at other companies.