KPMG is a global network of professional service companies and is one of the renowned Big Four accounting firms. KPMG consultants are experts in business transformation, technology transformation, and risk management (%26) compliance. We are committed to helping companies establish a socially high corporate value as an excellent company. With such a huge global presence and Fortune 50 C-level customers in tow, KPMG is not a company you should turn up your nose at.

The advice ranges from risk advice — very technical, subordinate and compliance-oriented — to sophisticated analytical strategy projects and M%26A work. Some or all of the services described here may not be permitted to audit clients of KPMG and its affiliates or affiliates. When it comes to salary, KPMG is a long way from the top consulting firms and even lags behind its four major competitors, which you should definitely consider when considering a job offer. KPMG has weathered the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Cold War and a variety of potential pitfalls in between and is now a well-known name in accounting and auditing, but also has a growing reputation in consulting.

KPMG Consulting provides customers with comprehensive support in establishing cross-border, cross-functional strategies and management systems. If you want to take this step to MBB, you may be better suited to apply to a reputable boutique consulting firm as they will give you more hands-on experience in the type of work that MBB does. In addition, the US branch of KPMG divided the country into ten areas before organizing accountants, tax specialists and consultants into industry-specific teams. In this phase, it is important to demonstrate passion and technical knowledge in consulting and the areas in which KPMG is active.

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If KPMG doesn’t visit your school, contact a KPMG recruiter in the city of your choice. But first, network with someone who is a manager or higher and is an alumni at your school. Butler, the new CEO of the US branch, announced that he would strengthen his consulting services, a market he thought was full of potential, and offer new services. This was done in the hope of developing specialists with specific areas of expertise, which would then lead to new clients and highly paid tax and consulting jobs.