Today, anyone can start their own consulting company. If you have a computer, a phone, and a place to get work done, you have everything you need to start a consulting business. At the highest level, a consultant is really just someone who is an expert in something and helps other people, whether it’s a consultant helping an individual or helping an organization. Guaranteed rejection, guaranteed failure of your consulting business even before it’s actually started.

To get your first consulting client with no experience, it’s better to look around where you live or among the people you know. In the typical presentation of consulting or in the “Big Four” companies, consultants are employed on a project for three to six months or so. Supposedly, you want to become a digital marketing consultant and have no work experience. They must learn it. So when I hear the word consulting and when I heard about consulting in college, those were the most important companies that people wanted to get into.

For a business consulting agency, you can add marketing, customer management, advertising and the list goes on. I also realized that many of my mentors at the hospital were former counselors, and as I had always admired their analytical nature, I was eager to put myself in a situation that would develop into my own. Below is a complete step-by-step guide on what you need to do to start an independent consulting firm with no previous work experience. Working with clients can be a challenge, balancing work and personal life can be difficult, and the interview process sounds a bit intense, but at the end of the day, counseling is about helping others.

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However, many people don’t feel comfortable taking the first steps to achieve their dream of working for themselves and determining their future by becoming consultants. When you start a consulting business, one of your biggest obstacles to attracting consulting clients is the fact that you don’t have any actual results to show.