That being said, KPMG is a very good brand and the company offers incredible training and project work, so you can get to know many of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. KPMG consultants point to a good work-life balance, travel opportunities, and solid career advancement value. On the other hand, mobility within the company and the wider network can be a challenge, the salary is the lowest among the Big Four and travel requirements can be high. KPMG officially sets out a set of values that the network says guide its way of working, as well as a statement of its commitment to inclusion, diversity and social equality.

Careers progress more slowly at the four major accounting firms and it usually takes around 15 years to find a partner. They have limited expertise or resources in technology consulting, implementation, financial advice, and risk and compliance advice. In addition to management consulting, consulting includes technology consulting, financial advice, and risk and compliance advice. These three companies are also known as the Big Three Consulting Firms because they are the largest and most reputable management consulting firms.

I worked in Oracle sales for 8 months after graduation and spent 6 months in my current company as an Oracle ERP consulting analyst. I would like to take the step when I have completed a year in my current company. The consulting work of the four major accounting firms is usually focused on implementation, such as helping a company introduce a new process or technology, or helping a company implement recommendations previously made by other management consulting firms. Business consulting was an important area of investment for the Big Four, and many of them took over management consulting firms. If you’re truly happy at K, you’re already one step ahead of most people in the working world, regardless of company, profession, industry, etc.

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