Service examples Tax preparation, estimated tax payment adjustments, payroll, accounting, controlling, monthly closing, preparation of financial statements, VAT compliance, tax authority correspondence; taxpayer representation. IPTI was asked to review the practical implementation of legislation that governs the Nova Scotia property tax appeal process. This included reviewing initial work related to Property Valuation Services Corporation complaints, the process undertaken by the Nova Scotia Assessment Appeal Tribunal, and finally the work of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. IPTI provided a detailed overview of legislation and related processes and presented a report with comprehensive recommendations for improvement.

Deals provides connected services to clients across the entire business continuum, from validating deal strategy and evaluating options to evaluating and executing deals to successfully closing deals and delivering value from the deal. Consulting offers services that focus on key customer processes and help shape, manage and implement lasting changes throughout the business lifecycle. Management advisory services are consulting services provided by a specialist organization for their clients. In this role, he provides exit planning services to help business owners find the right transition solution and maximize the value of their business.


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